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Nearly half a million children in the United States live in the foster care system.

Some of them are lucky enough to end up with foster parents who give them all the love and care that they both need and deserve. Sadly, there are also foster parents out there who only decide to take in the children for the money that they will then be given by the state. This money is meant to be used to take care of the foster child, but these scamming foster parents end up using the money on themselves and their biological children.

In this video, you’ll see one foster mother in Arizona enter a restaurant with her biological son and foster daughter. It quickly becomes clear to other diners that the mother is abusing her foster daughter and prioritizing her biological son over her. At one point, the foster mother even blatantly tells the little girl that as a foster child, she isn’t a real part of their family.

The other diners are clearly horrified to hear what the mother is saying, but as viewers, we’re in on a secret that they don’t know about. This is actually all a set up as part of the television show “What Would You Do?” The show hires actors to act out a disturbing scene in public, just to see if the bystanders will intervene.

The foster family in this video are all actors, unbeknownst to everyone around them. Many of these other diners are so horrified by what they are seeing that they feel the need to take action. One man confronts the foster mother directly, calling her actions “reprehensible.” Another man steps up and tells the foster girl that he will buy her any menu item that she wants! When the foster mother tells him that this is none of her business, he tells her that she “shouldn’t even be talking” because of how terrible she’s being.

Check out the amazing clip below and let us know what you would have done in the comments section!

This video gives me hope that there are wonderful people out there ready to step in when they see something wrong before them.

Fortunately, there are incredible foster parents who do treat their foster children with respect, and in the best of cases, adopt the children themselves. One such true example of this happened recently and we are fortunate enough to experience the new family’s joy along with them in the video below.

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