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A woman who turned 101-years-old wanted to celebrate her birthday at her favorite restaurant, Taco Bell. This might sound like an unusual favorite for someone of Ruth Parker’s age, but she is a big fan. She could have gone anywhere for her birthday party, but she wanted to head for the border.

The Illinois woman began going to Taco Bell eighteen years ago and hasn’t stopped. She’s a regular on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Initially, she went into the fast food chain to get some coffee. Taco Bell didn’t have that on the menu at the time, but she decided to stick around after an employee made her a cup of instant coffee. This loyal customer believes she has had everything on the menu!

While many people believe this food will kill you, it hasn’t had that effect on Ruth. She claims she is even “hooked” on the Nacho Fries. Since she eats there twice a week and has reached her 101st birthday, it’s hard to argue with her Taco Bell recommendations! She eats like a teenager despite being old enough to be a great or even a great-great grandma!

Much has changed at Taco Bell in the eighteen years since Mrs. Parker first stepped into the Carbondale, Illinois location. They even added coffee to the menu after launching breakfast items. The restaurant keeps finding new ways to improve and this birthday girl continues coming back twice a week to get her fix!

Video about Ruth Parker’s 101st birthday party at Taco Bell is below. Her choice of restaurants is shocking and inspiring a lot of people!

It’s hard to mess with success. If a 101-year-old can eat Taco Bell twice a week for almost twenty years, it can’t be that unhealthy! Or maybe she has the intestinal fortitude of steel!

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