Time For The Undertaker To R.I.P

He was at Wrestlemania 34, the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi, he’s scheduled for match at Madison Square Gardens this Saturday July 7th, and is set to take on HHH (touted as their final match ever) in Australia, during the highly-promoted WWE event, Super Show-Down, rolling out this year on October 6th. He’s also rumored to be participating in this year’s SummerSlam.

But wait … didn’t the Undertaker have his final match (ever) when Roman Reigns ‘laid him to rest’ at Wrestlemania 33?

Over one year after his bout with Reigns at WM 33, and it seems like The Undertaker’s retirement still lingers in the shadows.

Let me start off by saying The Undertaker is one of the greatest WWE performers of all time, he still gives me goosebumps whenever his entrance theme come on, and clearly still draws a crowd. He’s also one of the most-respected superstars of his generation and I can see why: tremendous work ethic, amazing in-ring athlete, incredible mic work, and has one of the most iconic characters to ever grace a wrestling ring; one that has evolved and changed over time to perfection; one that continues to connect with long-time WWE fans and newer ones as well.

So, it pains me to say that I think the WWE and Mark Callaway need to call it quits when it comes to the Undertaker. This character and superstar deserves to end his career on a high note, and the way he keeps getting booked in matches, makes me feel like I’m watching a never-ending story.

The Deadman

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The sad part is, I understand why he has appeared at signature and high-level shows like this year’s WM 34, GRR, now July’s MSG card, plus the Down Under event, plus (potentially) SummerSlam; because even after all these years, Undertaker’s part-time status, the slew of talent that has been brought onto the main roster and from outside promotions, the fact that he is clearly aged and worn down, the Undertaker is still a bigger draw then most of the main event talents within the WWE today and still sells seats with his larger-than-life persona and brand.

So, do I really blame the WWE or The Undertaker for continuing on? Well, maybe not Mark or The Undertaker, but the WWE can be pointed a finger or two when it comes to this scenario. If they worked a little harder on building their current superstars, instead of always catering to the Brock Lesnars of their world, perhaps they wouldn’t need to fall back The Undertaker when it comes to filling in international seats and other over-the-top shows.

Regardless, until that day happens, many fans are still willing to pay top dollar to check out a huge live event with The Undertaker in it, aging and all, any day of the week.

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