seamless avocado toast

Taylor Lorenz, a reporter for The Atlantic, found herself being relentlessly targeted by attacks when she posted a photo of a $22 avocado toast that she bought on Twitter.

“I Seamlessed a $22 avocado toast and this is what just arrived,” she complained in the tweet, according to The Wrap. Seamless is an online food delivery service that allows people to order takeout or delivery from different restaurants, even if the restaurant doesn’t deliver themselves.

The photo showed a glob of avocado mushed into the corner of a takeout box. The avocado had clearly slid from its original position on top of some lightly toasted bread.

The photo went viral for all the wrong reasons, as internet users pointed out that it was the ultimate first world problem.

“I thought my friends would laugh too at the ridiculousness of it and maybe throw me a fave or two and move on. Of course, it spread faster than that though and within an hour I was receiving harassment on levels I haven’t gotten in months,” Lorenz said. The journalist went on to explain that she has had trouble finding a good breakfast spot as a vegan living in Brooklyn. Twitter users were not having any of this explanation, however, and they held nothing back in mocking her.

“Lots of men were bemoaning feminism for not ‘teaching women to cook’ or whatever,” Lorenz said of the attacks. “Then there were SO many people who were yelling at me about student loans. I don’t have student loans thankfully, but even if I did I should be allowed to buy food?”

We have to agree with the internet haters on this one. This seems to be the perfect example of an entitled millennial getting taught a tough lesson about life!

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