Officer Never Expected The Outrage His Photo Would Cause

This is just sad

When the Yucaipa Police Department shared a photo of an officer praying prior to the beginning of his shift, they never expected they would get backlash. But, some liberals stepped up to the plate to do just that. Apparently, according to them, it’s only appropriate to kneel during the National Anthem.

The inspiring tweet from the police department read, “This morning we caught Deputy Wedge in the parking lot of the station. He was kneeling in front of his PD vehicle. Trying not to interrupt we snapped a photo. He politely shared that he was praying for his partners safety and the community.”

Deputy Wedge and his partner have a dangerous job. It’s very appropriate for him to pray before his shift. It’s also an appropriate tweet as it shows the humanity of these officers and how much they deserve our support, thoughts, and prayers.

San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department also shared the inspiring image on Instagram and Facebook.

Many people showered Deputy Wedge and fellow police officers in prayer. As typically happens, some liberals felt the need to attack this man who puts his life on the line for their safety and protection.

“I support his right to pray if he wishes, but I also feel this post is inappropriate for a government agency to be making. You should not be publicly promoting a religion, any religion,” Laurie Armstrong complained on the Sheriff’s Facebook page. “This is not about being negative or hateful, it is just a fact.”

There were other comments on social media attacking prayer and the police in general. But, those nasty replies only highlight the need for us to continue holding up our police officers in prayer. They need God’s love and protection as they serve our communities. They need God as we all do.

Please keep our police officers and all our safety service personnel in your prayers!

Source: Western Journal

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