Harvey Korman Fakes An Injury To Get Money Out Of Carol Burnett

In this sketch, Harvey Korman fakes an injury so that he can sue his victim, played masterfully by Carol Burnett in this hilarious sketch.

In the sketch, Harvey Korman fakes an injury so that he can sue his victim, played masterfully by Carol Burnett. The sketch turns into an epic game of cat and mouse between Korman and Burnett.

The ending has to be seen to be believed!

harvey korman fakes injury

During the eleven years that “The Carol Burnett Show” was on television, the program produced tons of hilarious sketches that have gone down in history as some of the funniest television moments.

While I’ve seen many of these famous sketches, the one in the video below has to be one of the funniest I know!


Amazing Chemistry Between Harvey And Carol

This clip perfectly shows off the chemistry that Korman and Burnett had, which is part of what made this entire show so special.

The sketch comedy show ran from 1967-1978, and along with Burnett and Korman, it featured comedic legends Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway.

Not only were the sketches hilarious, they were also very intelligent, and featured the kinds of twists and turns that kept an audience on their toes.

Burnett was asked by the Detroit News if “The Carol Burnett Show” would have gone the political route if it were on today, as programs like “Saturday Night Live” have. Burnett, however, was not having any of it.

Funny Is Funny

“No, because that’s not what we were about,” she said. “We were about doing a musical comedy review a week. It was like a little Broadway show. I think that’s why it has held up all these years: Funny is funny. We always went for that, and we got a little more serious when we started doing the family. Those were pretty heavy … the, you know, dysfunctional family and stuff. The writing was so good. There wasn’t one joke in it. It was all character-driven. All of that’s situation.”

They really don’t make shows like “The Carol Burnett Show” anymore!

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