Carol Burnett Pail

Carol Burnett played a host of characters on her show that ran for 11 seasons. She was a master of mixing realistic activities into ridiculous situations that made us laugh.

In this episode, Carol played a distressed woman speaking to her psychiatrist about her life issues. She had current problems with her in-laws but felt all her troubles stemmed from the childhood trauma of a boy stealing her favorite pail and kicking it.

She told her psychiatrist played by Harvey Korman about Fatso Hoffman who destroyed her life by stealing her pail when they were young children. Suddenly, Harvey realized that he was actually the fat child who stole her pail. The pair immediately reverted back to that day when they were both eight years old. Then, things were said that couldn’t be taken back.

Carol had been pouring out her heart in therapy with a man who was the source of all her troubles. Hilarity ensued and things got really ridiculous when Harvey opened his closet door.

The video below is a classic from “The Carol Burnett Show” that will have you missing the old days of television comedy!

Harvey and Carol had plenty of skits together over the years. If you were a fan of the show, you will remember The Old Folks. In one funny episode, The Old Folks considered rekindling their romance while they waited at the gas station.

Carol played Molly and Harvey played Bert. The older married couple lost the spark in their romance years ago. This troubled Bert and he brought up the topic as they waited at the gas station in their old school Model T Ford during the 1970s gas shortage.

Well, Carol wasn’t having any of it. Relationships change over the years and she made it clear that the romance was in the rearview mirror.


Nothing on television today can compare to “The Carol Burnett Show!”

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