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Having a job that paid us to take naps would be a dream come true for just about anyone, but it was a reality for an employee of the California DMV.

An audit showed that an unidentified worker slept on the job for three hours a day for four years without being reprimanded by management. She faced no repercussions for snoozing on the job while being paid by taxpayers. Worse, her supervisors knew about her daily naps and didn’t stop her. It’s nice work if you can get it!

The audit showed this employee cost the state of California more than $40,000 while sleeping about 2,200 hours over the course of almost four years. As a data operator, she is responsible for updating addresses and new vehicle ownership forms. As you can imagine, a lot of people had to wait as this employee snoozed away on the job. The typical data operator enters 560 documents a day, but this employee only completed about 200. Imagine all the long lines at the DMV as this employee slept her workday away!

In November 2016, the DMV denied her request for reasonable accommodations after she apparently claimed to have a condition – and just two months later her doctor said she was fine to perform her work. Yet, she continued to nap while her manager did nothing to stop her! She was then assigned to a new job in January 2017… but continued sleeping at work. It’s reported that discipline was not possible after the audit was released, since supervisors didn’t properly document the naps and never attempted to correct the behavior.

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The employee was not properly warned not to sleep at work until March 2018, four years after she started snoozing at the DMV! Auditors are recommending disciplinary action against the supervisors for failing to hold this woman accountable as she continued being paid by taxpayers.

This should enrage us, but it’s rather mockable since it happened in the left coast state California. Watch the tweeted video below as the anchors laugh while reporting this story.

That’s government for you.

Source: Fox News

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