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When three dogs were left in a car on the hottest day of the year, they were rescued by Good Samaritans in Britain who smashed the car’s window in order to free them. It takes a special kind of idiot to treat dogs this way and now this fool will be buying a new window.

The dogs had been left in the back of a Nissan for two hours. The windows were up and the dogs were panting from the heat. This was after the Met Office had issued a “threat to life” warning about this sort of situation. The owner apparently wasn’t concerned about the well being of his dogs when he locked them up in the sweltering car.

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Concerned people who noticed the dogs called the police for help. When police arrived, their first inclination was to wait for the neglectful owner’s return as the parking meter was almost out of time, but that was not really an option as the dogs were in distress. This owner apparently didn’t care about the dogs so it possible he wouldn’t have cared about the expiring parking meter.

Using a lump hammer, workmen who were tired of waiting while the dogs continued to suffer, busted a window and then unlocked the doors to rescue the dogs. The dogs were given water and a sheet was draped over the back window of the Nissan to give the dogs shade.

A message was left on the car for the owner. “Dogs die in hot cars!” it read. “You have been reported to the police.”

When the owner finally returned, some choice words were shared. A friend of the owner said the dogs were fine, claiming they were left on an ice blanket. But, the dogs were not fine. It was the hottest day of the year and they were stuck in the back of a closed up car without water or fresh air. They were in a death trap.

Video of the car windows being smashed can be seen below.

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