The WWE is staying remarkably silent about the competitors in the upcoming Mae Young Classic. However, several wrestlers are heavily rumored to enter the event. One such wrestler is Meiko Satomura!

And now it is confirmed! The Japanese legend is confirmed for the Mae Young Classic.

Who Is Meiko Satomura

Meike Satomura is a Japanese professional wrestler and also the co-founder of Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling. She was born on November 17, 1979, and has a long track record in professional wrestling.

Satomura’s professional wrestling career started with Gaea Japan in 1995. She also spent some time in World Championship Wrestling between 1996-1997. She would go on to co-found Sendai Girls’ Pro wrestling in 2006 and is running it until this day. Meiko is also still working for Chikara wrestling.

Title Reigns and Championships

Satomura has quite a few championships and title reigns under her belt. Here is a summary of her accomplishments.

  • She was part of the winning team of Chikara’s  King of Trios (2016)
  • Gaea Japan:
    • 2-time AAAW Single Championship;
    • AAAW Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship;
    • 3-time AAAW Tag Team Championship
  • Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling:
    • Sendai Girls World Championship;
    • Joshi Puroresu Dantai Taikou Flash Tournament;
  • World Wonder Ring Stardom;
    • Best Match Award
    • World of Stardom Championship.

Considering her lengthy track record, experience, and many championships and awards, I believe Meiko would be an excellent addition to the Mae Young Classic. Even though it is all based on rumor at the moment, she will undoubtedly contribute to this competition in a significant way if selected.

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