Being in NXT does not mean you have a guarantee for main roster success. It is not uncommon for the WWE to release wrestlers from the developmental brand. The most recent of those releases? Uriel Ealy, one part of the Ealy Brothers tag team.

One of the Brothers Released?

While it is not uncommon for someone to be released from the NXT brand, many people are surprised that only one of the two brothers were released. The Ealy Brothers are a tag team. So why was Uriel released but not Gabriel?

The Reasons for His Release

There is much speculation regarding the reasons for Uriel’s release but the continued signing of Gabriel. However, many believe the reason is medical. Recently, Gabriel Ealy mentioned ‘24-hour migraines‘ on his social media account; this led many to think he was suffering from a head injury. WWE has a policy of not releasing anyone dealing with an injury.

Uriel Ealy is not the only one who was released from the NXT brand this month In addition to Ealy; the WWE also released Zeda, a competitor you might remember from the Mae Young Classic.

Due to the many releases that have taken place recently, many people believe that NXT is making some severe cuts. Uriel Ealy and Zeda could only be the beginning if this proves true.

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