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Amy Roloff set the record straight when fans asked if her daughter-in-law Tori is pregnant with her second child. Amy gets lots of questions from her fans, but she decided to address this one directly.

Thanks to social media, “Little People, Big World” fans have a front row seat to the Roloff family’s life even when the show isn’t airing. That can cause people to speculate quite a bit, especially since Tori and Audrey are so open about details of their lives.

Amy posted an Instagram picture of with her grandchildren, daughters-in-law and some friends. The Roloff matriarch called it a perfect day, but like anything on social media, it led to a lot of speculation.

Amy Tori Audrey Roloff

In polite society, it is not encouraged to ask women (or their family) if they are pregnant unless they are driving to the delivery room. With the advent of social media, decorum is often thrown out the window. Amy was asked this question by multiple women in the comment section of the pool picture.

Amy Roloff

Amy responded with a short, yet direct response. Tori is not pregnant.

Amy Roloff

Tori has been open about wanting more children. Perhaps that was what encouraged these questions rather than the picture. However, no woman who is not pregnant wants to be asked if she is while wearing a bathing suit!

The young mother recently posted a picture of herself and Jackson where her hands were on her abdomen as if she was cradling an unborn child. Tori appears to be giving some hints. But, this might be more about something to come in the future as Amy made it clear that Tori is not expecting.

Tori and Zach will have another baby when the time is right. Given that they are so open about their family life, they are likely to let fans know when that happens! In the meantime, Jackson is only a year old and is likely enjoying being the center of attention!

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