spirit airlines meltdown

The skies aren’t as friendly as they used to be. Sadly, we often hear about bad behavior from belligerent passengers aboard planes but a lady on a Spirit Airlines flight dialed up the crazy to new levels during a flight from Houston to Minneapolis.

The flight was diverted because of a medical emergency. This caused the woman to have an epic meltdown. She stormed down the aisle screaming nonsense in a seriously threatening manner. It must have been terrifying for children to witness this on board the flight.

The woman cursed as she shrieked that she wanted off the plane. “Get me the f*** off this God d*** f***ing plane,” she screamed.

A flight attendant unsuccessfully tried to calm her down. That only seemed to fuel the crazed woman’s rage and led to her threatening the flight attendant. “You wanna be s****y and b****y to me, you will see me f***ing pissed. You will!” she hollered.

Fellow passenger attempted to intervene, but this elicited threats against them too. She claimed that her brothers are Marine snipers who would come after them. It is unknown if this is true, but no one stood up and claimed to be her brother.

“You know who my brothers are? They’re f***ing Marine snipers! You want to f*** with a f***ing marine?” the woman shrieked in a high pitched voice.

She eventually did sit down in her seat but continued screaming and making things uncomfortable for everyone. “You want know to know what hell is? I’ve f***ing been there! In f***ing side. You want to know what happened to my family?” she yelled.

Imagine being the person having a medical crisis and having to hear the crazed woman in the video below!

She remained in her seat until the plane landed, then was escorted off by police much to the delight of the other passengers.

Source: Tribunist

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