Dean Martin Can’t Keep A Straight Face When Rodney Dangerfield Explains His Childhood

These two were quite the pair!

Rodney Dangerfield made a career out of not getting respect. We all could relate to how he claimed he was treated. Nobody appreciated him, not even his own mother! It was a funny schtick that even made Dean Martin laugh.

Dangerfield had a contract to be on “The Dean Martin Show” for 28 episodes. That’s a full schedule! The self-deprecating comic would often do a stand-up routine before sitting down with Dean. In typical fashion, Rodney had the crowd laughing at how nobody treated him right the moment he was born.

“The day I was born, the doctor… he picked me up and smacked me. I found out the nurse… she got a few in too,” Dangerfield quipped to laughs.

Dean Martin was someone who had everyone’s respect so he was intrigued by Rodney’s claims. Dean said there was so much love in his home growing up that they had to open the windows to let some of the love out. Rodney said his brother got all their mom’s love because he was organized and tidy. In the long run, this only prepared Rodney’s brother to become a bathroom attendant!

This hilarious 1972 performance can be seen below. It will have you missing these classic television shows. Be sure to notice how Dean Martin appears to be overserved the night of this taping!

Rodney Dangerfield could make us all laugh because his jokes about respect were so out of the box. This was long before political correctness killed comedy. Today, feminists would be upset with him for making fun of his wife. Dean Martin would never be allowed to smoke on television today either! Everything good about classic television has been sterilized.

Dangerfield died in 2004, but his comedic routines still get some respect today. Nobody has been able to match or recreate his style. He truly was a diamond in the rough!

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