Robert Davi Frank Sinatra movie

Actor Robert Davi is well known for his roles in Goonies and Die Hard. Soon fans will be able to see this legendary actor on the big screen in a new light. Davi’s Way will give fans a first-hand look as he spends a year recreating Frank Sinatra‘s “Main Event,” which was held in Madison Square Garden in 1974.

As a Sinatra fan, this is a dream come true for Davi. Not only does he get to sing these favorite songs, but hopefully this film will help give The Chairman of the Board some fresh exposure decades after his passing. Big band music isn’t typically recreated these days, but it’s so timeless that it will be fun to see it return.

Davi’s Way premieres in theaters on July 13th. Davi is a classically trained singer. His first album Davi Sings Sinatra — On The Road To Romance, hit No. 6 on the Billboard jazz charts. He wanted to pay tribute to Sinatra by recreating his famed 1974 event. It was a challenging endeavor, but soon we can see it on the big screen.

Video of Davi singing Sinatra’s “My Way” can be viewed below. As you will see, Robert Davi certainly has some pipes on him!

This isn’t the first time Davi will be singing in a movie. In 2007, he showed off his voice in The Dukes, which was a film about a doo-wop band.

Like Sinatra, Robert Davi will speak his mind and sometimes go against the flow of Hollywood. He is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. He even sang at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate President Trump’s first year in office. Davi also punched back at Robert DeNiro recently after the Taxi Driver gave a profanity-laced speech against Trump at the Tony Awards. In the video below, Davi said De Niro’s actions were “disgusting” and he doesn’t understand respect.

Robert Davi understands respect. That is why he wanted to recreate Frank Sinatra’s special concert. Now, we will be able to see this showstopper in theaters.

Source: LifeZette