Judge Judy Brings Down The Hammer When A Woman Shows Too Much Cleavage In Court

Judge Judy's won't tolerate any nonsense from defendants, plaintifss, or witnesses - especially those sporting excessive cleavage in her courtroom.

Everyone needs to be prepared before they enter Judge Judy’s courtroom. The firebrand judge won’t tolerate any nonsense. So when a witness came to court sporting cleavage on national television, America’s favorite judge wasn’t about to allow this woman to show off the goods in her courtroom.

Male Hissy Fit

Robert Osborne was suing Matthew Howard for damaging his truck. Howard was upset because Osborne’s vehicle was parked overnight at Howard’s girlfriend’s house. The spurned lover peeled out to express his frustration, causing rocks to hit Osborne’s truck. After spending the night with Howard’s girlfriend, Osborne decided to sue him for damages.

The parties weren’t too embarrassed about the situation to come on television. To make matters weirder, Howard’s now ex-girlfriend was there to testify on behalf of Osborne. But, she came to court dressed in a very inappropriate fashion.

Judge Judy Appalled by Cleavage

Shortly into the case, Judge Judy noticed the witness’s chest on display as she waited to testify. She demanded the woman, whose slumber party with a man who was not her boyfriend, to leave the courtroom and get a shawl to cover up in an appropriate fashion. The woman came to court looking like a floozy when she was being accused of being a floozy!

“People think they are going to the beach,” the Judge quipped as the witness left the courtroom to cover up the girls in the video below.

Who did the woman think she was going to impress by sporting excessive cleavage in court? If she thought Judge Judy would tolerate such indecency, she was sorely mistaken. She deserved to be embarrassed.

Judge Judy doesn’t have a filter and that’s why we love her. She says what many of us are thinking and delivers a no-nonsense brand of justice. Hopefully, this woman learned a lesson!

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