It’s Not Looking Good For Neville And WWE

There's a new Neville WWE contract update: The former Cruiserweight Champion remains locked in a cold war with WWE over his contract, and it's not looking good according to the latest update.

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville remains locked in a cold war with WWE over his contract, and it’s not looking good. According to, “The Man That Gravity Forgot” has moved back to England.

Via 411Mania:

The latest report reveals that the former 205 Live superstar is no longer living in Florida, which he called home during his WWE career. He said quietly said goodbye to his American friends and went back to the UK, but has tried to keep the move secret.

For what it’s worth, I saw rumors on Reddit weeks ago that Neville had moved back to England, so this is just further confirmation. Even more damning, a second source told Bodyslam that Neville’s name hasn’t been mentioned internally in WWE “in ages.”

So Has Anything Changed?

Unfortunately, no. The last update we got on Neville indicated that he was waiting out his WWE contract “at home.” Now, he’s still doing that – except he’s waiting in England instead of in Florida. As we previously reported, it’s crystal clear that WWE is purposefully making Neville wait out the remainder of his contract rather than grant him his release. However, it’s unclear when Neville’s contract expires.

Once it does expire, though, Neville will be free to immediately begin competing on the independent circuit – and I’m sure that promotions all over the world will be eager to book him. I fully expect him to turn up in PWG, and maybe ROH and NJPW, given his extensive history wrestling in Japan.

Like I’ve said on here before, Neville is one of my absolute favorites and I would love to see him back in a WWE ring. But if WWE won’t use him to his full potential, then I can’t blame him for leaving. I’ll be happy once he’s able to get inside a wrestling ring again, wherever that may be.

What do you hope to see from Neville in the future? Share your comments below!

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