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Parents understand how hard it is leaving your baby for the first time. It’s a heartache unlike any other. “Little People, Big World” fans got a front row seat as Zach left Tori and Jackson for the first time.

Zach explained that he had to go to Canada to play for the American soccer team in the World Dwarf Games. These games happen every four years, so this was planned well before he became a father. He wasn’t happy about leaving and neither was Tori.

Participating in the Dwarf Games is important to Zach, especially since Jackson is also a little person. He wants to show Jackson that he can still accomplish anything he wants even if he won’t stand as tall as everyone else.

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Jackson might look like an average baby now, but before he left, Zach pointed out that clothing is going to be a struggle as Tori complained about the baby’s pants not fitting. Clothes will fit around the waist, but they are going to be way too long. This is already happening. Tori has made a commitment to learn how to sew. Jackson will have enough to worry about. She doesn’t want him to worry about his clothes never fitting.

Anyone who has had to go on a trip and leave a baby behind will understand the heartbreak these parents feel in the video below.

Zach didn’t come home empty-handed. The American soccer team earned a bronze medal. If you have to leave your baby, it’s best to come back with a worthy souvenir. A medal will help soothe that pain!

Zach and Tori┬átake extra care to make sure that Jackson knows he is loved. Being a little person in a big world isn’t an easy task. Zach knows this first hand and is proving to be a great role model for his son.

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