Spoiled Rich Girl

In this classic video, a no-nonsense Miami Judge lays down the law!

Watch (below) as Penelope Soto is in a Miami, Florida courtroom on a charge of possession of drugs. Just by being sassy, she makes everything MUCH worse for herself.

Is she spoiled or is she high? It’s unclear, but this is certainly not the way to act in a courtroom. She’s asking for a public defender at the same time she is claiming to have a fortune in jewelry. She then gets a $5,000 fine for illegally having Xanax.

When the judge dismisses her, she gives him a smart and sarcastic response. He immediately calls her back and doubles her fine. This dummy still hadn’t learned the lesson not to talk back or be disrespectful in court. She gives the judge the middle finger when she left the second time.

The judge wasn’t having any of it. He announced that this entitled brat would be spending the next thirty days in the county jail! Watch the video below to see her expression when she is sentenced.

Lesson Learned?

Perhaps thirty days in jail would have taught her the respect that her parents failed to impart on her. Unfortunately, the charges against her were dropped. You can’t buy manners, but perhaps this will help her learn that she has to act appropriately.

This spoiled brat went from living the good life on the Miami party scene to being thrown in the slammer with common criminals. Hopefully, this was the wakeup call she needed and mommy and daddy didn’t bail her out!

As the Judge said, “Adios!”

We need more judges like this one. He wasn’t taking her crap. He wasn’t afraid to do the right thing and toss her behind bars.

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