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Vladimir Putin’s gang of Russian heavyweights tried to take a swing at Queen Elizabeth by pushing what they thought was a scandal regarding Her Majesty.

Senator Aleksey Sushkov is a Putin ally. He claims the Sovereign is a very “heavy drinker” who throws back “cocktails all day.” Now, this is quite an accusation by Russian standards. He also tried to throw Prime Minister Theresa May under the bar table by claiming that she throws back too much brandy.

Russia is apparently cranking up its “fake news” in an attempt to deflect from the nerve agent they allegedly used to poison a British double agent and his daughter.

“Before dinner, she drinks a cocktail made from gin and another based on wine, with ice and lemon,” Senator Sushkov said on Russian television. “After the meal, she has a glass of wine with a bar of chocolate. She also drinks dry Martini. At the end of the day, she likes to drink cool champagne.”

Apparently, this Russian politician feels the need to lecture the Queen of England about drinking. The last time I checked, Russia wasn’t exactly the epicenter of sobriety. Who cares if Queen Elizabeth likes to throw back booze? It is already a well-known fact that she and the Queen Mum both indulged in alcohol. She has about four drinks a day.

The Queen is 91-years-old. She should be allowed to drink whatever she wants without permission from Vladimir Putin and his allies!

Sushkov even brought in an “expert” to tell the audience that Theresa May drinks brandy and cognac. Brandy, cognac, gin, wine, and champagne are all preferable over the nerve agent that was used on Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia, apparently by Russian sources.

The British Monarch and the Prime Minister certainly don’t need to seek permission from Russian politicians over their beverage choices!

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Source: Daily Star

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