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In the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find an actor that is brave enough to risk their career by praising Donald Trump in any way. That’s what makes conservative actress Roseanne Barr’s pro-Trump attitude so refreshing!

Fox News reported that Barr just revealed that during a personal phone call with President Trump, she thanked him for moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“I said, ‘Mr. President, on behalf of my mother, I want to thank you … for moving the embassy to Jerusalem. Thank you so much,'” Barr said while speaking at The Jerusalem Post’s annual conference in New York. “And he said, ‘Well, you know a lot of presidents have promised it, but I wanted to get it done.'”

“I think it’s the first step to peace in the world, I really do,” Barr continued.

Trump had called Barr to congratulate her on the stellar ratings her pro-Trump sitcom “Roseanne” has been pulling in. Barr’s eponymous character on the show is an outspoken Trump supporter.

“I didn’t have Roseanne the character become a Trump supporter because I am,” Barr said. “I had her become a Trump supporter because she’s a working class person and it is the working class that elected Donald Trump. So, in being true to that little demographic, I had to do it. Besides, I just wanted someone to do it and none of the other actors – they were like, ‘No way.'”

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Barr went on to surprisingly say that she would like to move to Israel and that she would like to run for Prime Minister if she actually goes there.

“I’m 65 years old and I’m running out of time to do what I always dreamed of doing [which] was to be living there and be able to study the things that excite me,” she said. “I still have the fantasy of being an old Jewish lady living in the Jewish homeland, so someday I will do it.”

It’s so nice to see a celebrity who is not afraid to be openly pro-Trump and pro-Israel!

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