Paige Announces Retirement- Becomes SmackDown GM

Paige isn't retired for good, though. On the April 10th edition of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon announced Paige as the new GM! And she started off her term with a MASSIVE match announcement! 

On the April 9th Raw after WrestleMania, Paige confirmed what we suspected for months. She is retiring from in-ring competition.

She mentioned that Daniel Bryan gave her “hope” that she might return someday.The injury happened weeks after a return from a neck injury in January 2018. She suffered a stinger that took her out of the Royal Rumble. Her retirement comes in the same city where she made her WWE debut. Paige won the Divas Title in her debut against AJ Lee on the night after WrestleMania 30.

Paige isn’t going for good, though. On the April 10th edition of SmackDown Live, Shane McMahon announced Paige as the new GM! And she started off her term with a MASSIVE match announcement!

Here is our original story from January on the injury and Paige’s future.


Rumors have been rampant about Paige over the last two weeks. It is claimed the young wrestler will be forced to the retire from the ring due to a career-ending injury suffered during a match with Sasha Banks.

Here’s what we know so far about the injury and Paige’s future.

The Injury

During a match with Sasha Banks, a move reportedly went wrong. After Sasha kicked Paige in the neck, the young British superstar lost all feeling in her extremities. She was also unable to get up for several minutes.

Even though WWE announced Paige would enter the first women’s Royal Rumble, this announcement came before Paige suffered the injury. Reportedly, WWE and outside doctors have stated that it is unsafe for Paige to wrestle going forward.

Out of the Rumble But Not WWE

On the January 15th episode of Raw, WWE ever so casually mentioned that Paige would be unable to compete in the first female Royal Rumble. She will continue to manage Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville as the leader of Absolution. This is after they posted a photo of the women’s roster with Paige left out.

Retirement Rumors

paige return

Since there has been no confirmation about Paige retiring from the WWE due to the injury, the retirement rumors stay rumors at this point. Naturally, Ringside Intel will keep you posted on the situation as it progresses.

Wrestling from the Age of 13

Paige has been wrestling longer than most people think. She has been in the ring from the young age of thirteen. Coming from a wrestling family, Paige grew up in a wrestling ring. Her mother even wrestled while pregnant with her. Early retirement could be devastating news for the 25-year-old.

Consequences for Future Events

paige comeback

If Paige is found unfit to compete in future wrestling events, it could have some serious consequences for the WWE, but also for Paige on a personal level.

I remember just how excited Paige was when Stephanie McMahon announced the WWE would have its very first women’s Royal Rumble. Given this girl lives for wrestling, I can only imagine what the impact on her psyche would be.

However, if Paige were to read this – and she does reveal she has to retire, remember you have accomplished so much, and even if you cannot wrestle anymore, there will not be any talent quite like you.

Either way, I hope there is some good news for Paige, and she does not have to retire. However, if an injury forces her to hang up her boots, I am sure there will be a role for her in the WWE.

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