President Trump is a proud grandfather. The Trump grandchildren as simply adorable. They are obviously well loved too. One particularly precious video Ivanka Trump posted of herself dancing with her two young sons shows this perfectly.

The older Trump children often share family moments on social media for us to witness. These moments show us that family is the most important thing to the First Family.


Ivanka Trump Dances With Her Sons In Adorable Instagram Video

An Instagram video Ivanka Trump shared of her and her two sons dancing and playing with each other just after she gets home proves just that! 

Ivanka begins dancing with her sons, Joseph and Theodore before she can even put her clutch down or take off her coat!

Watch the adorable video below. It’s so sweet!

You can definitely tell she loves spending time with her sons and she has got some pretty awesome dance moves to boot!

My favorite moment is when Joseph begins waving his hands wildly in the air mimicking his mom – it’s just too precious!

Family First

Ivanka is looking to show people they can balance home and work life.

At the end of a busy workday, seeing her children is the crowning moment of the day. Her boys were excited to spend some time with her and show off their dance moves!

The Trump family’s business endeavors are well known, but their first priority is their family.

Each of the President’s older children is rather involved in their children’s lives even while juggling busy careers.

Family comes first even when leading the free world or running a corporate empire.

The Trump children have plenty of haters, but they won’t allow those people destroy their joy. They just continue doing their thing and being the parents they can be!

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Source: Fox News

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