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Country fans are well aware of Patsy Cline’s hit “I Fall To Pieces” about a lovestruck woman whose man no longer wants to be together. But one grandma changed the lyrics up to tell the struggles of getting older. Anyone who has experienced the aging process will get a good laugh out of this.

Grandma Vera performed her version at her 90th birthday party. She wrote it twenty years earlier and decided to sing it for the 60 guests at her party. She renamed it “We Fall To Pieces” and dedicated it to seniors. She also warned young people that if they think this song isn’t true, they will soon find out the truth about getting older! Time will catch up with them!

Vera has been playing guitar since she was 10 years old. 80 years later, she still strums along in great fashion! Her version has some catchy and hilarious lines like “each time we bend down, we can’t get up.” The crowd laughs louder with each line and you will too!

Watching Vera sing her hilarious rendition of this song in the video below is sure to have you laughing!

This song is so true! Getting old isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes it hurts just to get out of bed. But, laughing about it sure is better than complaining! It’s a struggle we all face as we age.

Patsy Cline died in a plane crash in 1963. Decades later, the 30-year-old singer’s songs still remain a favorite of many country fans. Vera proved that with her performance of “We Fall To Pieces.”

If you are a Patsy Cline fan, click here to watch her sing “I Fall To Pieces” for the last time, just ten days before her untimely death.

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