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Anyone whose life has been touched by dementia or Alzheimer’s knows that it’s one of the scariest and most heartbreaking things a person can go through. It’s imperative for sufferers to have the compassion, support, and encouragement they need – even if it comes from a complete stranger.

Twitter user Lillie Downing recently took her grandmother, whom she lovingly calls “Nan,” to live in a nursing home that specializes in dementia. Moving your loved one into a nursing home is an emotional enough experience on its own, let alone when that loved one is suffering from dementia. But Lillie and her Nan were both quickly comforted by the overwhelming kindness of another resident at the nursing home.

“Took my Nan to her new care home today that’s for people with dementia, she met a lady who had the same name as her and they held hands the whole time they watched TV,” Lillie wrote on Twitter. “The lady on the left (Gladys) repeatedly said to my Nan, ‘Don’t worry, you’ve got me now.”

When another Twitter user stated how sweet it was of Gladys to comfort Lillie’s Nan, Lillie stated that the interaction had left her and her mother “in tears.”

It’s more than likely that the woman who comforted Lillie’s Nan also had some form of dementia herself, but that only makes this moment all the more sweet. No one knows what it feels like to go through dementia more than those who are experiencing it themselves, and even though Gladys didn’t personally know Lillie’s Nan, she knew exactly how frightened she probably was to be moving somewhere new and unfamiliar, away from the immediate care of her family. And knowing exactly how that feels, Gladys made sure to let Lillie’s Nan know that she wasn’t alone.

We could all stand to be a little more like Gladys. If we were, the world would be a much kinder place.

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