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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 28: American singer and actress Cher arrives at the Sydney International Airport on February 28, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Cher is in Australia to headline the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras party. (Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)

Cher is backpedaling after her latest unhinged attack on President Donald Trump…sort of.

Fox News reported that though Cher admitted that she went “too far” in her latest attack on Trump, she didn’t exactly say she was sorry for it either. In a now-deleted tweet posted over the weekend, Cher described Trump as a “cancer ravaging our nation” and a “malignant tumor eating its way through our constitution.”

As with most of her other tweets, Cher’s “apology” was full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

“I Say What I feel,But There’s a Responsibility That Goes With That.I Walk Knifes Edge, But Sometimes It’s Too far.This Is Not An Apology….Its a Reprimand. Just Because I CAN SAY ANYTHING…Doesn’t Mean I SHOULD. Sometimes I Learn The Hard Way,Over & Over. Humans are Fallible,” Cher tweeted.

Cher is essentially acknowledging that her prior tweet was too much, yet she still has far too much pride to actually apologize to Trump, as she should. It turns out that Cher’s Twitter account is full of unhinged attacks on Trump, so why exactly she chose to backtrack on this one is a bit of a mystery. Earlier in the day on Sunday, she described Trump as a “criminal,” “sociopath” and a “despot.” Cher has previously compared him to Adolf Hitler and said he is “a racist, he’s a misogynist, he’s a horrible person.”

If any public figure had launched bizarre attacks such as these on Barack Obama, they would have been labeled a racist and his or her career would have been over. However, since Cher only targets Trump with her nonsensical rants, she receives no backlash in the liberal world of Hollywood.

Luckily, Twitter users have fired back at Cher to let her know that her crazy attacks on Trump are not going to be tolerated:

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