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Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong had spent his entire life looking for the father who had left him when he was a small child. At 56 years of age, Wong had pretty much given up hope on ever finding his dad, which is why it came as a huge surprise to him that a recent BBC report ended up leading to him meeting the family he never knew he had.

“Amazing, impossible – a miracle,” said the actor, who is best known for his roles in movies like Infernal Affairs and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Wong had spent years looking for the British father who had walked out on his family when he was 4 years old. He was only able to get a small amount of information on him from his Cantonese mother, who only told him that he was a former Hong Kong government official named Frederick William Perry.

A few months ago, Wong opened up to the BBC about his quest to find his father. He talked about how when he was growing up, he felt “trapped in between” his British and Hong Kong identities, and he hoped that finding his father would bring him the answers he craved. People all over the world were touched by Wong’s story and a Facebook group was started to try and help him find his family.

Last month, Wong announced that someone in the group had tracked down his British relatives.

“I was like, ‘no way!'” he said.

Wong ended up finding his half-brothers, twins David and John Perry. The two were stunned when they sat down to watch the BBC report and saw their own father.

“We were quite amazed about the whole thing,” John said.

The three half brothers met up on March 20 in Hong Kong, and they immediately hit it off.

“It was just incredible,” Wong said. “After all these years and suddenly it all happened in two weeks!”

“We hit it off straight away,” said David.

Unfortunately, Perry Sr. passed away in 1988, and the twins said he had never mentioned his second family to them.

“We had no inkling about what happened,” David said.

The twins said that they were not upset when they learned their father had a second family.

“We know sad things happen in life to a lot of people,” said David. “The main thing was to come over and meet Anthony, and get into some background of what happened.”

Wong said that meeting his long-lost half-brothers has taught him more about himself.

“I played music and it turns out my brother did, too. I trained in boxing and it turns out my father had been a middleweight champion,” he said. “It’s so amazing – it’s like all those things were in your genes.”

Wong went on to describe this as a “life lesson,”teaching him that finally being able to make peace with the past, a new journey can begin.

“Dad used to say in his letters that if I was a good boy, he would take care of everything for me,” he said. “I think he knows I’ve become a good boy since then and he’s sent two brothers to me.”

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