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Ami Brown was given a clean bill of health in time for Christmas last year. But, fans are concerned the “Alaskan Bush People” matriarch’s health problems might have returned. Social media posts from two of her children seem to confirm a recent trip to the hospital.

After her chemotherapy ended last year, Ami’s oncologist, Dr. Deborah Wong, was honest that the future was uncertain. She told Ami, “It sounds like you bounced back really well. We don’t know what the future will hold. It’s kind of out of our hands, but there’s every single reason to be hopeful and absolutely optimistic … You were pretty sick, but you got through it. I think that’s a testament to, you know, the strength of your will but also the strength and resolve of your entire family.”

Bear Brown kicked off the speculation with an Instagram Post from UCLA Medical Center, which is where Ami underwent chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer last year.

The post came after Radar Online reported that the 54-year-old mother was back to looking frail and was seen in a wheelchair in March. Another source spotted Ami Brown hiding behind sunglasses inside the Spokane International Airport.

Although Ami had been told her lungs were clear of cancer at the end of last year, the chances that it will return are high. Now, it appears it may have already returned, just a few short months later.

She previously stated that she has to return for scans every three months, but the timing of this trip to the hospital, her frail appearance, and the cryptic posts from her children have some people concerned and praying.

Daughter Rain’s post on Easter alluded to another miracle. She shared, “miracles happen every day. We just have to believe and give the credit where it’s due, God bless everybody.”

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It has been a challenging year for the Browns. They left the Bush so the “Alaskan Bush People” matriarch could get proper care for her cancer in Los Angeles. No official statement on Ami’s health has been released yet but now is the time to pray for her good health.

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