While most matches are mostly clear for WrestleMania, the opponents of WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Bar are not yet know. Of course, there are some rumors, which we have summarized for you below! Which one do you think is right?

No Existing Tag Team


Sheamus has been calling out for worthy opponents on his Twitter account since there are no signs of any tag team taking the Bar on at WrestleMania.

According to PWInsider, there is some talk about two opponents who are currently not a team. Of course, this does not narrow down the choices, since there are many possibilities there!

Some fans there might be a tag team upgrade, which means a team from developmental will take on the Bar at WrestleMania. Naturally, we have our own favorites. So, based on the rumors, here are our top choices.



One likely tag team candidate for WrestleMania is Sanity, one of the most successful tag teams in NXT. A member of the tag team, Killian Dain, certainly fueled the rumors by posting this Tweet shortly after Sheamus’ challenge.

Authors of Pain

The Authors of Pain are a real possibility too, especially since insiders have mentioned that the Authors of Pain are likely to be drafted post-WrestleMania. Could that mean there is an early appearance for this epic tag team before the draft? God, I cannot wait to see Paul Ellering do a promo for the Authors of Pain on the main roster!

The Hardy Boyz

Jeff Hardy has been injured for some time, so there is a possibility he might be cleared before WrestleMania. Of course, this poses another problem, since brother Matt has a big event coming up with the Final Deletion.

There is a possibility Jeff will play a role in the Final Deletion of Wyatt. It is also possible that the pre-recorded nature of the Hardy compound and Final Deletion leaves them both open for a tag team match? Just throwing some ideas out there.

Returning Injured Wrestlers?

Quite some wrestlers have found their way on the injured list before WrestleMania, so the WWE might decide to create a tag team with a wrestler or wrestlers set to return.

Dean Ambrose could also be a possibility, although I have heard no rumblings that he is ready to return. Still, Ambrose might get the biggest pop out of everyone on this list.

If you had the power to choose a tag team to face the Bar at WrestleMania, who would it be? Let us know in the comment section below.

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