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While parents are used to controlling their birth announcements, this is not the case for William and Kate. There are a number of steps that must occur after the baby is born.

First, the Queen must be the first person to be told about the birth of her latest great-grandchild. That is proper because the Queen doesn’t want to hear about it from other sources first.

Secondly, the birth will be announced by a town crier. This is how the public will be informed that the new arrival has been born. Video of Prince George’s birth announcement can be viewed below.

Next, after the birth notice has been displayed at Buckingham Palace, William and Kate will likely share the news themselves. In this day and age that will likely occur on social media.

Soon after that, there will be a 62-gun salute at the Tower of London to commemorate the birth of Kate and Williams’s third child. It will be hard to miss the sound of this fourth announcement because it will be quite loud.

The fifth step usually involves the parents introducing the baby to the public several hours after birth. Kate and William introduced Prince George and Princess Charlotte outside of the hospital where they were delivered. This time it will be different since Kate has decided on a home birth.

The sixth thing that happens is the announcement of the baby’s name. This occurred two days after the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Lastly, the baby will be baptized into the Church of England. The baby will wear a family baptismal gown that has been worn by seven other relatives.

It’s an exciting time for Royal watchers. Prince Harry will be getting married shortly after the birth of his new niece or nephew. There has been chatter that Kate may be expecting twins. If so, this will prove to be a spring of many surprises.

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