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Robin Williams was a high energy comic. He would bounce around the stage switching from one impression to another. He was unlike any other performer.

While he had been on other shows for years, the “Mork and Mindy” star didn’t make his first appearance on “The Tonight Show” until October 1981. It was such a wild and crazy interview that it’s a wonder that Johnny Carson had him return! His comedy was so improvisational that nobody knew what he would say next!

If you like classic Robin Williams comedy, you will laugh at the video below. He ends up drinking out of Johnny’s mug!

Robin joked about being nervous on television shows, but this actually was true. It was one reason he said he turned to drugs. After watching that interview, I wonder if Williams had taken anything beforehand. He moved from one topic to another like a jumping bean! It was interesting to watch this and remember that he later became a nuanced actor who won an Academy Award for his serious performance in “Good Will Hunting.”

Williams often credited Jonathan Winters for helping shape his career. Winters was often described as a master of improvisation and Williams was a fan long before they met. He insisted Winters be written into the “Mork and Mindy” script. Casting him as Williams’ overgrown child was comedic brilliance and perfect casting.

After the show was over, the pair still made appearances together. In 1991, Jonathan Winters joined Robin Williams to chat with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. It was a much different interview than Robin’s first time on the show! Robin was actually relatively calm. Wait until you see what character Jonathan dressed as in the video below.

Hilarious! Those two were so perfect together.

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