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After a few drinks, people often say what they really think. Alcohol can be a bit of a truth serum and Queen Elizabeth is no exception. According to a new book, after having several martinis, the Queen provided a brutally honest assessment of her daughter-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles.

British investigative journalist Tom Bower’s new book “Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles,” provides details about Charles’ scandalous lifelong relationship with the woman who is now his wife.

After Princess Diana’s death, Charles wanted to welcome Camilla into the Royal Family. The Queen was not keen on that idea.

Charles was frustrated with the fact that he could not be seen in public with Camilla. He went to his mother to plead that if she would not accept his mistress, she would at least stand out of the way of their relationship. He didn’t want her to outright forbid it.

The Prince had poor timing as the Queen had been enjoying martinis. She told her son that she refused to condone his adultery. She would not forgive Camilla for interfering with Charles’ marriage. And she was also still sour over the tapes of Camilla and Charles’ scandalous conversations that were made public during 1989’s Camillagate.

According to the tell-all book, Queen Elizabeth described her future daughter-in-law as “that wicked woman,” and stated, “I want nothing to do with her!”

This went on for years. Her Majesty The Queen would intentionally keep Camilla off the guest list for events, but Charles would have her come in late. He would tell the other guests, “While Ma’am is away, the mice will play.”

When Charles finally got married to Camilla, they were not granted permission to marry in the Church of England. Instead, they were forced to marry at Windsor Town Hall and were later blessed in St. George’s Chapel.

Queen Elizabeth nixed their plans for a big reception. To add insult to injury, the Queen didn’t even speak to her new daughter-in-law at the wedding party.

The Queen must have softened her position over the years and came to be more accepting of Camilla, who now stands alongside members of the Royal Family.

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The Royal Family is certainly not immune to the trials and tribulations of family squabbles and embarrassing situations. This book is further evidence of this.

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