Lucha Underground Sends Cease And Desist To Wrestling Reporters!

 However, Lucha Underground does not seem to think so, as they send the company a cease and desist for spoilers! Uh...what?

As wrestling reporters and wrestling fans, we are in the business of wrestling spoilers, rumors, and more. Of course, we are not the only ones, because we have colleagues around the world who report and talk about wrestling too.

One of our colleagues who does an excellent job at wrestling reporting is Pro Wrestling SheetHowever, Lucha Underground does not seem to think so, as they send the company a cease and desist for posting spoilers! Uh…what?

The Cease And Desist Letter

An interesting letter indeed. For those you of who cannot be asked to read the whole thing, it basically accuses Pro Wrestling Sheet of releasing “trade secrets” after attending the Lucha Underground events.

In my interpretation of the law, if a member of Pro Wrestling Sheet has attended one of the live tapings of Lucha Underground, and signed the non-disclosure agreement they claim exists, then they are indeed of violation of that contract. However, if they have not attended the events, they have not signed that non-disclosure agreement. Furthermore, they could have obtained the information from a third-party, which means the third-party is the violator. However, as reporters, we have the freedom as reporters to not disclose our confidential sources.

It would seem that Lucha Underground is angling for more information so they can take the matter to court. In addition to the cease and desist letter, they asked Pro Wrestling Sheet to release information on the events they have attended before the publication of the articles that are breaching the non-disclosure agreement.

Reaction From Our Colleagues At Pro Wrestling Sheet

As I suspected, Pro Wrestling Sheet is not in violation of the non-disclosure agreement. Here’s their response to the attorney of Lucha Underground.

So, based on what Pro Wrestling Sheet is saying. Their information did not come from a third-party source who attended the event, nor did they attend the event themselves. This would mean all the allegations are unfounded, and that Lucha is once again using scare tactics.

My Opinion On The Cease And Desist Letter

While I may not be neutral in the sense that I am a reporter myself, but I have to agree wholeheartedly with Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet.

As a reporter, we have the right to inform the public on news. Also, this is entertainment! We are not in the business of giving away military secrets, nor are we a spy network that could jeopardize another nation.

Lucha does not seem to understand either that these so-called “spoilers” are free advertisement for their promotion. I find the tactics of Lucha despicable to say the least, and it certainly breaches one of the most fundamental rights, freedom of speech.

But let’s face the truth, this whole thing with Lucha Underground is not much else than semantics. We cannot forget either that Lucha has a history of sending cease and disease letters and using scare tactics on their talent as well as wrestling promoters! If anything, maybe someone should look into the tactics employed by Lucha Underground, instead of trying to breach the fundamental right of every human being on earth, the freedom to speak your mind and have an opinion.

What is your take on this odd cease and desist letter? Do you think they are right or wrong? Be sure to put your opinion in the comment section below, I look forward to reading what you think. 

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