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US Army SFC/Ret. Sidney Shearing was proud of his military service. As a highly decorated soldier, he loved serving our country. When his health began to fail, he made sure that his love of our country and the military would be a focal point.

He joined the Army after graduating high school. For 20 years, Shearing traveled the world defending our nation. He did two tours in Vietnam and a combat tour in the Dominican Republic. During his time in the military, Shearing earned many medals, including the Bronze Star, the Air Medal, and the Presidential Unit Citation.

After retiring from the Army, Shearing continued to work. The veteran was a cardiovascular technician for the next 20 years, but his love of the Army still meant so much to him.

Because of this, he wanted a proper military “send-off from Saint Francis” when he passed away. This beautiful ceremony is a very fitting way to say goodbye to one of our heroes.

As his journey on earth was ending on March 25, 2018, his nurse Sergio draped a flag over the 72-year-old man. In addition to being a nurse, Sergio was also a sergeant.

When it was time to say goodbye to this soldier, Sergio called out Shearing’s brother, Officer Day, who was also in the room. Then he called out his own name. Both men said, “present.”

Then, Sergio called out Staff Sgt. Shearing three times. When no answer was given, both soldiers offered a final salute to the departed veteran who served our country so honorably. Tears were then shed while the family came to terms with their loss.

You can watch this very touching military send-off that Shearing’s sister Jeanne filmed in the video below.

Even though Staff Sgt. Shearing had long retired from the military, it was still very much a part of who he was. That is evident in this incredibly touching and appropriate goodbye.

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