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Burt Reynolds is known not only for his acting but during his height of popularity, he was tied to a few women. But, there is one lady that he laments letting get away.

Many people might assume that Dinah Shore would be the one woman that he regrets not pursuing further. Shore was 20 years Reynolds’ senior. That age difference was a Hollywood shocker at the time. Ultimately, Reynolds left Shore because he wanted children.

But, Burt Reynolds’ regretted love wasn’t Dinah Shore, but rather Sally Field, his leading lady in Smokey and the Bandit.

Burt Reynolds Sally Field

When Hoda Kotb asked him in a recent interview who the love of his life was, he playfully said, “Well, she was seven when I fell in love with her. She stayed seven for about 11 years. I would say, Sally.”

The actor told Hoda that Field was “the love of his life.” He wanted Field to be cast alongside him in Smokey and the Bandit. He had to fight for her to win the part because producers didn’t think she was the right actress.

The castmates fell in love on the set and dated for five years. They starred together in multiple movies after finding success in their original film together.

Reynolds told Hoda that Sally Field was “the one that got away.” After breaking it off with Field, Reynolds went on to marry “WKRP in Cincinnati” star Loni Anderson. Their marriage lasted six years, perhaps in part because Burt’s heart was ultimately somewhere else.

Burt’s admission can be viewed in the video below.

This isn’t the first time Reynolds admits that he regrets not pursuing Sally Field further. “It was one of the great regrets of my life. I had never had a great love affair like that,” the actor said in an interview.

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