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If you grew up in the 1950s or even like watching reruns of American Bandstand, then you are familiar with the slow rock ‘n’ roll dance called The Stroll.

The dance was popular before the song “The Stroll” by The Diamonds. Given the popularity of the dance, the song immediately catapulted to #1.

Here’s how to dance The Stroll, dancers line up in two different lines. Men are on one side while women are in the other line. They face each other and sway back and forth in place to the music. Couples pair up and do a more elaborate slow-paced dance between the rows of swaying dancers. They look like they are strolling as they dance. When the couple dances to the end of the line, they take their places at the bottom of the lines and the next couple starts their stroll.

Take a trip down memory lane by watching the video below from the late 50s of some teens doing The Stroll on a local Iowa dance show. Notice how well dressed the teens on this show are. They knew to dress and act respectably. There was no grabbing or out of control dancing. It was all very appropriate and fun!

How To Dance The Stroll


What a difference from how teens dance today! Personally, I prefer the old school approach. Everyone dressed modestly and they acted appropriately. Notice how they only hold hands. This was in the early days of television. It was a big deal to be on TV and these teens weren’t going to disappoint their parents! They were much different than many of today’s teenagers.

Just to take one example, let’s look at a modern spring break to see what today’s kids are up to:

For the old timers out there, this move is known as “twerking” and it’s the most popular modern “dance.” It’s not quite the same is it? And this example is “safe for work,” unlike many others!

If you remember The Stroll, you probably watched American Bandstand. Click here to watch teens dance to “Romeo and Juliet” in 1964 on the show. “America’s Oldest Teenager” Dick Clark wasn’t much older than a teenager himself!

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