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Sometimes a talent is so great that it only comes along once in a lifetime. Whitney Houston was one of those talents. Her voice was so fierce and recognizable. Many thought it was unlike anything we would hear again, but a Dutch singer is breaking that notion.

Glennis Grace has been one of Holland’s best singers for years, but a 2017 performance of “Run To You” highlights the fact that her voice is so stunningly close to the late Whitney Houston’s that she suddenly received a tremendous amount of worldwide recognition.

You can see that amazing performance in the video below. If you close your eyes, you will think you are listening to Whitney.

Amazing! They sound incredibly similar. Whitney’s premature death left a void in the music industry. Certainly, there are other great singers, but nobody has sounded like her, until now.

Compare that to Whitney Houston’s performance of the same song, which you can hear her in the video below.

Many singers have tried to mimic Whitney’s voice, but they have failed. It’s hard to tell Glennis’ voice apart from Whitney’s. She’s that good!

“I Will Always Love You” is one of Whitney Houston’s signature songs. It’s very challenging to sing this song as well as Whitney did. It was initially written by Willie Nelson for Dolly Parton, but in recent years it has been associated with Whitney because of the movie The Bodyguard.

Listen to Glennis sing it in the video below.

Compare that to Whitney’s video of it below.

Whitney Houston died suddenly in 2012. Her drug use caused her to tragically drown in a bathtub. It was a devastating moment and an important reminder that drugs don’t care about your fame or fortune. They can destroy and end your life.

Her voice has been missed the past few years, but it is amazing to hear someone sing just like her!

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