The Top Super Bowl Ads Everyone Is Talking About!

Last night, there were lots of Super Bowl ads, and everyone is talking about them this morning, both the good and the bad ones

Last night was Super Bowl 52, and the game was a nailbiter with the Philadelphia Eagles edging out the defending champions, the New England Patriots 41-33.

While Sunday night’s game was great and people are still talking about it this morning, millions of Americans are more interested in bringing up the different commercials that aired, both the good and the bad.

One of the best ads last night was the hilarious M&M’s ad, featuring Danny DeVito playing the red M&M. In this commercial, DeVito imagines what life would be like if he were a human, and whether or not people would be as quick to eat him.

Check out the hilarity in the video below:

Another hilarious ad that had the internet talking was an NFL-sponsored commercial featuring New York Giants stars Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr. practicing new touchdown celebrations, all to the classic Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

Check out this amazing commercial below:

One more commercial that had fans laughing was an ad for Tide featuring “Stranger Things” star David Harbour. It started off showing several setups for other, recognizable ads before interrupting that it with, “No, it’s a Tide ad.”

You can see that ad in the video below:

While there were lots of ads that fans loved, one ad is drawing a lot of criticism this morning.

A commercial for Ram trucks featured a sermon given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the voice-over for the ads. Many people thought it was extremely inappropriate for Ram to be using Dr. King’s powerful words to sell a truck.

The New York Times noted that the ad was especially bad because the sermon quoted in the commercial “touched on the danger of overspending on items like cars and discussed why people ‘are so often taken by advertisers.'”

You can check out the controversial ad below:

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Source: NY Times

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