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Two volunteer firefighters in Ohio are under investigation for child abuse after an outraged mother penned a viral Facebook post accusing the pair of dramatically chopping off her teen daughter’s hair as punishment for getting highlights for her birthday.

Christin Johnson wrote on Jan. 31, “This is what my daughter looked like Sunday when I took her home and the other two pics is what happened today before she was brought to me… all over me having highlights put in her hair for her birthday!” Johnson uploaded before and after photos of her daughter, Kelsey, who was visibly upset by the extremely short haircut.

According to Haskins Police Chief Colby Carroll, Johnson alleges that her daughter’s father and stepmother, Schaffen Frederick and Sarah Murray, ordered Kelsey to cut her hair as punishment. The police department, as well as Wood County Children’s services, are investigating the possible child abuse complaint. Frederick and Murray have been put on leave from the fire department as the investigation is ongoing.

Carroll added, “I’ve been doing this since ’92 and I’ve never had a case I would say that’s like this. Mom was upset with how her child was being cared for — lack of better terms.”

After her Facebook post went viral, Johnson created a Facebook page called “Team Kelsey” documenting her daughter’s story. On Feb. 4, she posted an update revealing that Kelsey is sporting a new wig. “I’d like to thank the ladies at Lady Jane’s on Glendale in Toledo, Ohio for making my baby feel more like herself!” Johnson wrote. “Especially Haylee Ann for taking her to pick out her new hair. She got her smile back because of you ladies and your selfless acts of kindness! We truly appreciate you ladies so much!”

It’s terrible that Kelsey had to go through this ordeal, but from the pictures, it looks like she’s coping well and moving on from the incident.

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