Dick Van Dyke Drunk Uncle

“The Dick Van Dyke Show” was a groundbreaking comedy for its time. Every episode, viewers got to peer into Rob (Van Dyke) and Laura Petrie’s (Mary Tyler Moore)¬†New Rochelle, New York home. In Season 1, America was introduced to one of the show’s most memorable characters: Dick Van Dyke as ‘the drunk uncle’.

“The Dick Van Dyke Show” Introduces Drunk Uncle

In the second episode of the very first season, Americans had a front row seat to the comedic genius of Dick Van Dyke. Surrounded by friends, he demonstrated what his wife’s drunk uncle was like returning home from the office Christmas party.

Laura didn’t seem very thrilled at Rob’s mocking of her uncle, but she knew this is what she signed up for when she married Rob Petrie.

This scene showcases Van Dyke’s physical comedy. He is not above literally falling on his face to get laughs from the audience.

Sally plays the wife who is unknowingly is greeting a very inebriated husband. He tries to hold it together in front of her but this is a difficult task as she keeps turning around to ask him if he needs anything.

The crowd roars with laughter because it’s downright hilarious. It’s also relatable as many of us have tried to pretend we haven’t been over-served alcohol at a party.

Finally, Rob can’t keep it together any longer when Sally tells him he looks like and he needs a “nice stiff drink.”

Keep your eye on Buddy in the video below. He appears to be enjoying this more than anyone!

Dick Van Dyke Is a Classic

Hilarious! “The Dick Van Dyke Show” was unlike any other on television at that time.

Dick Van Dyke has an amazing controlled lack of control in that scene! That was perfect. This scene reportedly helped him secure the role for the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, where his physical comedy skills were on full display on the big screen.

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