Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas is one of the quieter Supreme Court Justices, but he had quite a bit to say during an event at the Library of Congress last week.

Thomas grew up in extreme conditions without running water or electricity. His house burned down when he was just seven years old. Still, he doesn’t complain. Rather, the conservative Justice says he is tired of people claiming victimhood. Everyone needs to stop complaining.

“At some point, we’re going to be fatigued with everybody being the victim,” Justice Thomas said.

His grandfather had a very challenging life, but he never complained. “With nine months of education, but he never saw himself as a victim. He used to say that he was a motherless child. He never knew his father. His mother died when he was seven or eight years old,” Thomas told the audience.

His grandfather didn’t even know exactly how old he was because he didn’t have a birth certificate. Thomas’ beloved grandfather wouldn’t allow his family to complain. “You always have to play the hand you’re dealt. If you’re dealt a bad hand, you still have to play it,” Thomas said. “When we would whine about things if you look at the bust in my office that my wonderful wife had made for me when I went on the court. His favorite quote was ‘Old man can’t is dead. I helped bury him.'”

If you are tired of people playing the role of victim, you will be cheering Clarence Thomas in the video below.

Clarence Thomas went through a brutal Supreme Court confirmation process. He was charged with sexual harassment from Anita Hill. These charges were broadcast for the entire world to hear in an attempt to derail the conservative from being confirmed to the highest court in the land.

He does not consider himself to be a victim of that situation either. However, he admits that we need to have a better confirmation process, or we will get the justice system we deserve because good people will walk away from serving. Still, he doesn’t complain about his own confirmation process.

If you enjoyed Thomas’ profound comments, check out a rare interview he gave with Fox News in 2017:

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Source: Washington Free Beacon

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