He Probably Didn’t Expect A Helmeted Head-Butt When He Tried To Run This Motorcycle Off The Road

A man in a truck nearly runs a guy off the road on his motorcycle. Another motorcyclist head-butts the guy with his helmet.

In this road rage video, a biker is seen driving along, minding his own business, when a truck comes out of nowhere and forces him off the road. It looks like attempted manslaughter as the motorcycle is obviously no match for an oncoming truck.

According to Mad World News, the obnoxious truck driver then gets out of his vehicle to confront the biker, but it doesn’t take long for him to severely regret this. Watch as another biker takes the cocky thug down with a brutal headbutt that sends him to the ground in seconds.

Watch below but be warned, the language is NSFW:

After the video went viral, the biker posted a longer clip that showed what occurred before the encounter. The driver of the truck was upset at the bikers for driving past his house. He claimed the bikers endangered the lives of his children.

But, the extended video shows that when the motorcycles drove past the man’s house, the family was inside the truck at the end of their driveway. It’s hard to understand why this is a threatening position for your children to be in. Even more bizarre, this happened 20 minutes before the man tried to run the biker off the road!

The man in the truck clearly can’t control his temper. He drove around for 20 minutes and still couldn’t cool down about whatever he was angry about. His children weren’t being harmed by these bikers, but they may be scarred from witnessing their dad acting like a lunatic and trying to kill this man on a motorcycle.

You can watch that video below.

The angry man in the truck got what he deserved when he was head-butted. Not only did he have the physical pain to remind him not to be a colossal jerk again but he had to have been embarrassed when the video went viral! Road rage is no joke!

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