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Jenelle Evans, one of the stars of MTV reality series “Teen Mom 2,” celebrated her daughter Ensley’s first birthday on Wednesday. Like many parents, Evans marked the milestone with a themed photo shoot; but, because everyone’s a critic, the photos drew backlash on social media.

Evans posted the photos to her Instagram account. They show little Ensley posing and playing with her two older brothers, Jace and Kaiser, and older stepsister Maryssa. In the caption, Evans wrote: “Instead of a birthday party for Ensley, we decided [to have] a family ‘party photo shoot’ that she can remember with her siblings forever!”

It was a fun, sweet idea that any loving parent would consider doing for their child. However, not everyone was a fan of the shoot. Some people commented that, by holding a “family photo shoot” instead of throwing a proper birthday party, Evans was trying to make Ensley’s birthday less about her and more about the family. Even crueler, some speculated that Evans wasn’t throwing a birthday party for her daughter because she didn’t have any friends to invite.

Others criticized the photos by claiming that Ensley was the only one not smiling, which is ridiculous. How many people really expect a one-year-old to smile on command?

Besides, the photo shoot wasn’t the only thing Evans did for Ensley’s birthday – she also got her a cake to smash.

Evans’s critics are seriously out of bounds here. There’s nothing wrong with doing something simple and meaningful to celebrate a child’s birthday; too many parents these days are hung up on throwing extravagant, expensive parties that their children won’t even remember. As Evans said, in the future, Ensley will be able to look back on these photographs and cherish them forever, and that’s truly special.

Source: Inquisitr

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