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It appears that Miranda Lambert dissed her ex-husband Blake Shelton during a recent performance in Greenville, South Carolina.

At one of the first concerts on her “Livin’ Like Hippies Tour,” the country star sang her hit “Little Red Wagon,” but she changed the lyrics to take a swipe at Blake. She sang, “I got the hell out of Oklahoma.” A concertgoer who was sitting up front tweeted a video of her performance.

Lambert lived with Shelton in Oklahoma during their marriage. The lyrics in the song originally stated that she lived in Oklahoma, but she changed the words and added some emphasis to them during her performance.

The same Miranda fan posted a video of her singing the new lyrics last year. She has apparently been singing this updated version for a while, but it had gone unnoticed, until now.

Some believe she was throwing shade at Blake for moving on to Gwen Stefani soon after they split up. Miranda has no reason to be upset or jealous because she has been dating musician Anderson East for quite some time.

A source close to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton claims this dig isn’t going to upset either one of them. “Blake had his own songs and conversations after separating with Miranda and Miranda has her similar journey as well, but Gwen and Blake really are interested in letting go of Miranda Lambert and what she says or does moving forward,” the insider said. “Gwen and Blake know they can’t move forward by always looking back. That story is done, and the story now is Gwen and Blake.”

Perhaps, it wasn’t really a dig. Miranda may have simply been updating the lyrics to reflect the fact that she no longer lives in Oklahoma. “It’s a tongue-in-cheek lyric change because she doesn’t live in Oklahoma anymore,” Twitter user Chickenwench shared. “Is she supposed to keep singing that she lives in OK when she doesn’t or stop singing a fan fave song? People are reading way too much into it.”

If she was updating the lyrics, perhaps she could have done so in a less bitter style so she didn’t appear jealous.

Blake doesn’t let the digs affect him. He even took on the Westboro Baptist Church after they started protesting him. Click here to read about that.

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