Christmas Was Almost Ruined For These Kids!

A local city government gave a group of kids a gingerbread house permit after the children wrote the city a letter telling them they wanted

A group of children got a civics lesson after asking the city of Surrey for permission to build gingerbread houses.

The teacher of this first-grade class should be given props for showing them the right way to work government, something totally missing from today’s society. They drew up their plans on what they wanted to do and mailed it to the city’s planning department, which in turn gave them the necessary approval to start construction.

The city issued them a building permit, which included a restrictive covenant that stated the homes must be “constructed of candy only” and “must be cute and delicious!”

Here is the original letter:

gingerbread house permit

Here is the city’s response:

gingerbread house permit
gingerbread house permit

This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen from any sort of government office. These young children must have been so excited when they got the permission letter, and permit, in the mail. It is so touching. Hats off to anyone in the permits department who had any part in this.

I believe that if we put intention behind our words, then they can have greater meaning than just the words themselves. This is a great story to start the new year, and hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come for 2018.

I hope that other schools will take this real-world lesson to heart and teach their students the value of civics. These children contacted their local government and got the results they wanted. This story should serve as a powerful example of the change we the people can make if we are determined and never give up.

While I am glad that these children were able to build their gingerbread houses, I can only imagine the trouble they would have gotten into had they not received a permit from the local government. Too often, local governments go after children for not having the proper paperwork to sell lemonade on their lawn, so they would likely have been punished for building gingerbread houses as well.

Just last year, a five-year-old girl was slapped with a $200 fine by the Tower Hamlets Council for selling lemonade without a permit.

Thankfully, the city government did not act like grinches and happily gave these children the necessary permits to construct delicious gingerbread houses.

Did this story brighten your day as much as it did for me? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below! 

Source: Global News

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