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Figure skaters are amazing athletes. They combine their athleticism with artistry to create amazing performances. Sometimes these performances are memorable enough that they are remembered years later.

American skater Jason Brown had one of those unforgettable performances at the 2014 US National Championships. At the age of 19, Brown had the audience so captivated by his skating, they were on their feet well before it ended.

This performance included the incredibly challenging jumps and spins and triple axels that you expect at this level of performance, but Brown raised his game during the second half of the routine. The music picks up and you can see that Brown is really feeling himself and the music. He switches gears and begins Irish dancing on the ice.

This Riverdance inspired performance is so enthralling that you will probably watch it a couple of times. Brown really involved the crowd in his performance with changing the tempo and the style of the performance. He completely brought down the house with this showstopping routine.

You can watch this unbelievable performance below. Jason Brown skates flawlessly!

He owned that audience with his energy and fiery performance! He was having so much fun too, which got the audience even more involved. I even found myself clapping along to this performance. It was a real showstopper! Irish dancing and figure skating are a wonderful and challenging combination.

Jason Brown won the free skate with that amazing performance. He earned the silver medal at that US National Championship. His Riverdance skate won him a spot in the hearts of skating fans.

Not only did he Riverdance on skates, he also included various challenging jumps. He did this all while making it look easy. This is what skating should be like. He certainly entertained every person in that arena!

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