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Obamacare has really changed the face of health care. Appointments are overbooked and doctors have to rush with their patients. Bad legislation has trapped both medical professionals and those who see them in this bad cycle.

This can make going to the doctor a rather unpleasant experience. In addition to the anxiety of the appointment, you have to wonder how long you will wait. It can be frustrating knowing that you might be waiting over an hour for a 5 or 10-minute appointment because a previous patient needed extra time.

We don’t get reimbursed for our time waiting when it might take us away from work. And if you don’t show up for an appointment, you are likely to get billed for it. It might not seem fair to some people, but it’s the current reality of healthcare.

One man was rather upset that his daughter was charged $60 for not showing up to her appointment. We don’t know what her excuse was, but from the office’s point of view, they depend on people showing up. They likely turned someone else away for her appointment. A fee will help recover costs but also hopefully prevents people from not showing.

Jay Rogers wasn’t happy that his daughter was being billed, however, he didn’t raise his voice when he called the office staff the “medical mafia.” He had called to confirm they accepted any type of American currency. Then he pulled out an orange bag. Watch what he does next.

While they may have expected him to pay in pennies, they probably didn’t expect him to dump all 6,000 through the window. The staff was just following the rules and now they will be forced to pick them all up. If he handed them the bag, perhaps he could have better made his point without causing a mess. What do you think?

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