cop pulls over his daughter

Getting pulled over by a police officer can be a stressful situation. Sometimes you know exactly what you did, and other times you do not. Your heart can race while you consider the outcome, and how much money it might cost you. But, sometimes a traffic stop can end up being rather hilarious.

A woman was driving down the road when a police cruiser turned on its sirens and lights and made her pull over. She couldn’t figure out what she did to warrant being stopped by a cop. But, when the officer came up to her window, she knew exactly what the deal was.

The police officer tries to fight off a smile while greeting her and demanding: “License, insurance, and registration, please.” She makes a face of annoyance and immediately replies, “Dad, we’ve been through this! You just can’t pull me over because you see my car on the road!”

Her dad was the police officer who pulled her over, and apparently, this isn’t the first time he has done this! Her dad takes a sigh, shakes his head, and tells her, “I was just making sure you’re okay.” The daughter laughs as the video ends.

The video is appropriately titled, “These cops will pull you over for literally anything” and it quickly went viral because it’s adorable. This cop is a dad who just worries about his daughter. Putting on a uniform doesn’t diminish the love he has for her.

The hilarious video is below.

His sweet answer made his daughter burst out laughing. Most dads just call to check on their daughters, but he had other plans for her. What a fun and caring dad! I love how he was trying not to smile when he was asking for her identification when he knows who she is.

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