abby lee miller weight loss

“Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller started her year-long sentence behind bars in June. The dance coach pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud. While it was widely reported that Miller was terrified of going to prison, she has learned a lot being locked up. And she certainly looks a lot different, too.

Miller posted an update on Instagram. In the picture, she is surrounded by friends at the federal prison in Victorville, CA. She is considerably slimmer than when she was thrown behind bars. It is reported that she has lost 100 pounds and that she is feeling “great.” There is going to be one heck a reveal when she comes strutting out of those prison gates.

The time behind bars has led the “Dance Moms” star to reflect on her downfall. She trusted the wrong people and made plenty of mistakes. If Miller is being honest in the Instagram post below, it appears that jail may have done its purpose. It appears that she has been humbled and set straight. As you can see, she is wearing the same prison outfit the other inmates are wearing so she is definitely still there, if you were wondering like I was. She must have just had someone dictate this post for her.

Sounds like she took her medicine and is on the right track to being a responsible citizen. That’s how jail is actually supposed to work! TMZ is reporting that her early release date will be granted next month. Miller will follow that up by serving two years of probation. Allegedly, she is to be sprung from jail on February 20th, but the “Dance Moms” alum says that date isn’t set.

Miller apparently has a new attitude to go along with her slimmer physique. Her weight loss was given a boost when she had gastric sleeve surgery in April.

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Source: People