If you thought 2017 has been a wild year, you might want to buckle up. Astrologers are warning that Thursday’s Winter Solstice will be the worst day of the year.┬áIn addition to December 21st being the shortest day and longest night of the year, there will be some other monkey wrenches thrown into the scenario.

The sun will move into Capricorn just hours after Saturn makes that same shift. It will be the first time this has occurred since 1664. This will cause Saturn and the sun to line up. Astrologers are warning people to put off making important decisions on that day as this might throw things out of whack.

Astrologer and author Neil Spencer spoke to the Daily Mail about this:

‘In one’s personal horoscope, Saturn in Capricorn is a very useful placement, denoting one tough individual, but on a macro-level, it doesn’t promise much in the way of fruitful change,’ Neil explains.

He also advises to be wary on December 21 because anything you do on that day can feel more difficult than usual and starting something new can have ‘long-term consequences’ and ‘is ill advised.’

Jayashree Bose of Feng Shei Blog advised, “Avoid hosting meetings, whatever decisions you make will not be final, they will change. Avoid traveling on these dates, unless, you like spending your time waiting in airports, railway or bus stations.” Bose also says that activities planned on this year’s winter solstice or December 18th and 30th might have last minute changes because of this rare phenomenon.

This retrograde will end on December 22nd, but the effects of the “restroshade” will be felt for up to two weeks later. The Lunar Living website warns that people have low energy on the Winter Solstice. Apparently, things might be a bit jumbled as winter officially kicks off.

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Source: Daily Mail

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